Monday, January 18, 2010

My poisoned Asian chicken salad

I found this little Margaret Cho routine so hilarious that I decided to, in fact, buy the ingredients for Asian Chicken Salad, including Mandarin oranges and crispy wonton crunchies. Observe the result below:

Asian Chicken Salad

I even made my own dressing, and the whole thing turned out delicious. I shared it with my roommates. The problem came a couple hours later, when I slowly started to feel achy, feverish and nauseated. Soon I was unwillingly tasting the Asian Chicken Salad for a second time.

It appears I have come down with some sort of awful flu or disease. The good news is that we have the day off because of MLK Jr. Day, although I have to cancel a meeting with my macro group. The bad news is that I better get over this thing ASAP because I'm supposed to be interviewing with Apple in 24 hours! I do not want some dumb germs determining the course of the rest of my life.

Anyway, I don't blame the Asian Chicken Salad, since my roommates are both healthy. It must be a coincidence. But my taste for it has certainly deterioriated. Ever gotten turned off from a particular food because of illness? There were years when I wouldn't eat popcorn or chocolate-covered peanut butter balls for that very reason. But maybe one day I'll give this salad another chance.

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