Thursday, December 31, 2009

A virtual oracle for the children

In an effort to do a volunteer activity unrelated to SOM, I applied for and was happy to be accepted to be a tutor for They help K-8 students in math, language arts and science. I'll be "on call" a few hours a week. The technology is pretty cool; the tutors and students communicate live, interactively, using electronic drawing pads and microphones (but not video, as is depicted in the commercial above). I think I'll really enjoy this, and, as I said, it's nice to do a little something outside of SOM.

Another goal this semester: Tennis. I haven't played since I got to New Haven, but now have a roommate who plays, and I just got some new tennis shoes. So my excuses have run out. Time to hit the courts. While I'm exercising and helping others in the new year, I might as well lose 10 pounds and meditate more.

Today is New Year's Eve, and Carla, one of my oldest friends whom I met at summer camp in 1992, arrived here in Sanibel yesterday. She handles my parents better than just about anyone I know, so they love her (who couldn't, though?). Today we're heading up to Sarasota, where she lives, and then to Tampa, where I'll meet up with my friend Sarah from back in Corpus. At my advanced age, I will be delighted just to make it to midnight awake.

I was thinking today that this is has really been a wonderful year. A year ago, I was putting the final touches on my SOM application, and now here I am, a semester in. Lots of changes have been undertaken, not the least of which was a 1,600-mile move, a breakup, the opposite of a breakup, and a 100% drop in income. I am gripping eagerly to the reins as we head into '10.

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