Friday, December 11, 2009

Classes are over

Yesterday marked the last day of classes, a cause for celebration. There were merry times at the SOM holiday party, which was a holidayed-up version of our weekly Thursday happy hours, with live music, lots of delicious victuals, hot mulled cider served in an ornate but inefficient trough, wine and beer, and photos with a snowman. After this, I had arranged (well that's a strong word ... I had made a suggestion and let other people do the arranging; that's my leadership style) for my work group of eight to dine at Ibiza, although only four of us were able to make it: just us girls. It unexpectedly turned into an impromptu belated birthday celebration, which I really appreciated, since my birthday itself was more or less an ordinary day.

After dinner I met up with Mike for cocktails at The Owl Shop, a warm, stuck-in-the-past bar downtown with fantastic service and pretty good drinks, and the only bar in New Haven that allows smoking. Then we scooted off to GPSCY, the grad student bar, at which there was one in a regular series of "Big Gay Parties," thrown by, I suppose, club leaders of gay groups across various types of grad schools. There was a tasteful amount of rump shaking.

Incidentally, it's getting mad cold out there for these types of evenings ... walking through downtown is like, well it's like, uh, walking through a super cold place. I like it though; it's a good excuse to scream.

So now it's Friday, and that means it's time to get crackin' on studyin'. Our schedule for exams happens to be in the order in which I had classes throughout the week: Competitor, Investor, Customer and Sourcing & Managing Funds. We have each exam at 9 a.m., on Monday-Friday. At this time last quarter I was very anxious and nervous, but not this time. I'm pretty up on these courses and just need to refresh my memory a bit. It'll go just swimmingly, I'm sure.

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