Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Course evaluations

You no say daddy me snow me I'm gon' blame, I licky boom boom now. Overnight, down came the snow. The walk to school was slishy, sloshy, squishy, squirty and slurpy.

Today was the last day of two of our four classes, so we were asked to complete course evaluations that allegedly get read anonymously by professors. I did a previous post about "strict/tough/mean" teachers vs. "lax/easy/nice" ones, and today's evaluations underscored that stark contrast.

Our Competitor professor ("Competitor" is the name of the class. Our first-year classes are called Organizational Perspectives and have funny names; basically it was a competitive strategy class) is a notoriously tough cookie. I liked her quite a bit and liked her class, because she wasn't tough to be mean, she was tough because she wanted us to be prepared, think critically and communicate clearly, and I can get behind those values. The work load for Competitor was disproportionately heavy, but I learned a lot.

Our Investor professor, on the other hand, had a completely different style -- he was a much more smiley, warm fellow who used humor and gave lectures based off overhead notes, which were our only written materials. Our Competitor professor, on the other hand, didn't use overheads -- she just engaged us in a discussion and used the chalk board. There wasn't much homework in Investor, and he didn't do any cold-calling, unlike our Competitor professor. Just two different ways of doing things, each probably appropriate for the particular subject.

Tomorrow we wrap up Customer and Sourcing & Managing Funds. Then it's time to hit the books and study for finals!

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