Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guests keep a house in order

If ever you feel like your apartment needs tidying up, invite friends over to play games a few days in advance. It will prompt you to pull out the Swiffer and go through your stack of mail.

Lately, I've had two kinds of guests. Friends, as usual, and prospective future tenants, who have been dropping in regularly to see our apartment. I am surprised it wasn't scooped up by the first visitor. Maybe our decoration and cleanliness skills are detracting from the apartment's natural beauty.

Speaking of home-seekers, I'll be looking for apartments in New York with full force next week, in the hopes to have this very important, exciting and somewhat overwhelming task wrapped up. I still keep flipping on my priorities but ultimately feel this unjustifiable need to live alone in Manhattan in a luxurious shrine to my awesomeness, even though that's not a wise use of my money. But I value these living years in terms of new experiences, and that lifestyle is something I want to try. I don't like seeing other people's lives and wondering what they're like. I like to try on lives, like shirts.

I'm more than ready for spring. We had a one-day burst of warmth and beauty a couple weeks ago, but it's been slow-going ever since. It's currently 44 and raining; the high today is 53. Right now in Fort Worth, where I moved from, it's 72, with a high of 91. Ninety-one!

These next two weeks are going to be a shocking disaster as far as work goes. I have long projects and papers in three classes, final exams in the other two, and an immense pile of grading around the corner for the class I TA. But then it all ends with a bang on Friday, May 6. I just have to keep that date in mind. After that, it's warm beaches, friends and family and good times forever.

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