Monday, April 11, 2011

Fading in and out

For the third -- and I reckon final -- time in my business-school exerience, I'm getting the chance to employ my previous-career video skills, which by video-production standards may not have been anything to brag about, but which by MBA standards are, well, pretty kickass.

My first time getting to doodle around with video editing for a class was second quarter, during Negotiations. One of our assignments was to film a negotiation, and then we had to edit each others' videos. This was fun. Then at the end of Innovator last year, fourth quarter, my group chose to do a video in lieu of a paper, per an option for the final project. I think it was this choice that earned me a coveted Distinction, and hence is why I'm TA-ing that class this quarter. And, finally, in my Navigating Organizations course this quarter, we were assigned groups of four and asked to do a video of up to 5 minutes, employing some persuasive-communication techniques we're studying. We could choose one of two topics -- the light one, which is trying to get people to go to the beach in the winter, and the more serious one, which is trying to get people to sign up to be organ donors.

We picked the latter. I'm excited about our project, in progress. In my editing hands, it's coming off on the dramatic side -- like a public-service announcement -- but I think it'll do. My group members (which, although randomly assigned, happened to be three of my closest friends) and I had to enlist some non-SOM people to "act" for it. These subjects include my friend Matt. I had to get him to act like he's not an organ donor and explain why. Our message is that people's excuses, although they may seem benign, have life-threatening consequences! (I am, by the way, a donor.)

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