Friday, April 15, 2011

2 for 2 on ice

Every year, the second-year students play the first-year students in an ice hockey game known as the Garstka Cup, named for one of SOM's deputy deans (and our accounting professor in the core). Last year, my class won, and this year, they won again, 5 to 2. It was a good time.

This event coincides with Welcome Weekend, which consists of events for admitted students, some of whom have accepted their invitations to Yale, some of which are still deciding. Last night, the LGBT groups at SOM and the law school teamed up to have a mixer, at 116 Crown. We get a lot of questions from prospective gay students about how many LGBT students there are at SOM, and the honest answer is that there aren't many. There are 6 self-identified out students in my class, and 9 in the class below me. The numbers are much larger at the law school. But depending on how much socializing with LGBT students is a priority, the Yale community is quite large, and quite accepting.

Many more fun Welcome Weekend events are to come, including a talk this afternoon by the incoming dean! I look forward to hearing from him.

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