Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yale Camerata's Advent Concert

Now this is more like it. Two of my friends in the Class of 2012, Bryce and Jason, have somehow managed to find time to sing in the Yale Camerata, which performed a free holiday concert Saturday night at Battell Chapel. It was sacred music, mostly Bach, not songs of the Here Comes Santa Claus or Feliz Navidad variety. When I was a first-year student in his first semester, I rarely felt I had time to attend these types of things, much less participate in them. So kudos to these singers.

It was a reverent and relaxing end to a day that should have been spent diligently working but was instead spent largely on the phone and engaged in various nonproductivities, partly because I was distracted today by the unexpected and unwelcome news that my father was hospitalized late last night for reasons still not entirely clear to me (or to doctors apparently). A diagnosis is pending, but there are theories. There's apparently no reason to panic, so I'm not panicking, but it was nevertheless distracting.

Meanwhile, 'tis the time of year for false fire alarms in my building, which, because I experienced so many last year, I have determined are false enough that I don't even bother leaving. I just watch the fire trucks from the warmth of my living room. If I turn out to be wrong one day about the falseness, then whoops.  

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