Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Analyzing ringtones in the law library

With one remaining project for school, and all week to do it, I'm putting in more time than is justified. The assignment is for Data Driven Marketing, and it's open-ended: Analyze this here data. Despite the fact it's a group assignment, and the professor emphasized we shouldn't spend more than 5 hours on it, and it's worth only 10% of our final grade, I nevertheless decided I'd see what I'm made of and spend several hours today toiling with it. I am not made of much, it seems, as all of my conclusions were, basically, that you can't conclude much from this here data. (The spreadsheet we were given contains real figures about keyword searches for ringtones a few years ago, so it's entertaining to investigate, actually. For me, at least.)

To dive into this academic challenge without distractions, I decided to relocate from my usual place of study -- my couch -- to somewhere a bit more grand, distinguished and, dare I say, Ivy League. Naturally I will not be finding such a place at the School of Management, which is widely mocked for its sub-par facilities. (New campus coming in 2013!) I knew my friend Mark was an aficianado of Yale's libraries and study rooms, so I asked for his advice. Among his recommendations: The law school library. It is pictured above. I wondered how many people there identified me as an imposter.

One drawback to this seemingly fool-proof plan is that my walk back, exactly 1 mile, was made in what turned out to be 20-degree weather and a 9-degree wind chill. I'm usually nonchalant about such things, because I think it's wimpy to complain about the cold, but OMG it was so c-c-c-c-c-cold. I couldn't feel my fingers, toes, legs or face by the time I got back.

Now I'm cookin' me up some dinner. You know, I could really get used to this one-assignment-per-week gig. It's a good way to live.

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