Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Corp Fin is fin

Behold the purposefully illegible work I just submitted to my group for our last write-up in Corporate Finance! Funny how a question so short -- how much debt should the company should use to finance its acquisition of the other company's operating assets, and why? -- can yield an answer so long. Perhaps I shouldn't take such liberties with the word "answer," though. What I did was more like a crack at an answer.

And so ends, basically, Corporate Finance, as this was the last assignment. This was my most challenging elective this semester (by a lot, really), and therefore probably the course in which I learned the most. One of the benefits of SOM's anti-grading system (we don't have A/B/C/D/F grades, or GPAs, or class rankings) is that a guy like me with no finance background can feel dandy about taking a class like this, just for the sake of learning more about it. Helping matters was that we had a great professor who was so great, in fact, that she won last year's award for best teacher, as voted on by second-year students. I'm not sure I'll ever do any of this stuff again, but I enjoyed the exposure and had fun with my work group.


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