Friday, December 3, 2010

Straight But Not Narrow

My friend Jason, a first-year student, pulled off an amazing feat today. He organized and delivered a fantastically well-attended diversity event called Straight But Not Narrow, a series of skits and conversations about how LGBT allies can handle situations in which some sort of anti-gay negativity is being expressed. He had done similar workshops for his previous employer, so he was well-rehearsed. I'm not sure I've ever seen a student-run/initiated event that was so fun and so packed with people, especially professors and higher-ups at school. I think everyone had a lot of fun, and it started some great conversations. This was all under the purview of Q+, the LGBT affinity club at the School of Management of which I am a co-leader, and although I did contribute to the writing of a skit and playing a small part in one, it was basically Jason's show; so I'm glad to piggy-back off his efforts and call this a home-run for Q+.

Preceding this event, we had a really interesting speaker from Google in my Data Driven Marketing class -- Chris LaSala, the Director of Local Markets. He spoke about some trends and initiatives in advertising and content. That class, which has been a semester long, has had several neat guests. The lectures tended to be a bit dry (maybe unavoidable given the nature of the content).

In the afternoon, the IT folks fixed a problem with my computer that had been driving me insane -- whenever I'd type, the cursor would jump away and leap to wherever the mouse pointer was sitting. They installed some type of driver, and now not only is the problem gone, but the touch-pad mouse works much better than ever. Always go to IT, I've learned.

In the evening, I went to New York to have dinner with a few of my future Deloitte colleagues at Dos Caminos. Pretty good food, and it was fun. Just returned moments ago. Now it's off to bed for less than four hours of sleep before I get up to hit the gym. Nothing stands in my way, I tellz ya!

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  1. I just love this. I am so thankful we are living in the times we are. Hurray for expanding your mind :)