Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Conversation marathon

The day was long, with rigorous morning exercise, two classes, a Human Capital Club meeting to anoint the incoming officers and a Human Capital Club guest-speaker event featuring two alumni from Aon Hewitt, and that was all before lunch. Granted, I had lunch at 2:30. Anyway, the real endurance test came in the second part of the day from 3:30-8:00, when I had nine consecutive -- albeit enjoyable -- half-hour individual meetings with first-year students, per my commitment as a Second Year Advisor (or SYA).

I still remember my meeting with my SYA last year. His name is also John, and he had interned at the Associated Press the summer before, so we spent much of our time talking about that, since I was interested in doing the same. Today, I tried to open the floor to whatever was on the students' minds, and given that they're in the final weeks of an insanely stressful quarter, many of them had stories that involved pressure and worry, although a few were taking the whole thing in stride. I like that the school formally arranges these types of meetings between members of the two classes, because from their end it's (I hope) useful to get some advice and perspective on topics like elective classes, working in groups, recruiting and time management.

From my end, it's fun to meet the first-years, hear their stories and be reminded of what I successfully endured last year.

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