Friday, March 25, 2011

The stage is set

It's a real run-around week for yours truly, as, with determination, I have tried to accept (and offer) invitations and opportunities to do lots of stuff. Commencement is fast approaching.

In addition to normal classes, meetings, admissions interviews, TA-ing, the gym and other typical weekly happenings, this week's buffet of stuff included a few lunches with friends I needed to catch up with, meals with the incoming leaders of both the clubs for which I'm handing over the reins, going out to watch the systematic ruining of my NCAA bracket, and a few one-time events -- an Interfaith Feast, with a focus on looking at the tragedy in Japan through the eyes of different faiths, and a faculty piano recital featuring the dean of the music school, who also teaches the class I take over there.

I'd elaborate, but I have to run to New York for the day. Just wanted to alleviate any concerns that I was dead or missing.

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