Friday, March 18, 2011

Where for art thou?

Having a roommate in the drama school = knowing more people in the drama school = going to more plays. Last night, I was taken by my friend Art to "Romeo & Juliet," presented with its original dialogue, but modern attire. It was OK. The director seemed to be pushing the youth emphasis, so the characters behaved particularly immaturely -- sometimes to a pretty offensive extent. I also thought the portrayal of Juliet wasn't the least bit sexy. Maybe it isn't supposed to be. But if I were Romeo I would take my wooing elsewhere. I was impressed with the performances of the supporting cast, particularly the elder members of the cast. And I liked the shirtless knife fights.

Today I hit the gym -- four times in one week, which won't continue happening when classes resume Monday. During my usual trip to the local market for a post-gym coffee, I noted the lead story on the New Haven Register, that the guy accused of killing that Yale grad student in 2009 has pleaded guilty. I bought the paper, as a show of solidarity for my foregone career. It was 75 cents, and not really worth it. Frankly, it's not a very good paper. There are editing mistakes, bad design choices (like doglegs), and pretty poor placement of filler stories. On the bright side, the comics are in color! But I sympathize; I'm sure their staff is a shell of its former self.

I'm really enjoying this vacation. Somebody stop me! I guess that somebody will be the Yale faculty.

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