Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ghost town clothes shopping

My friend, neighbor, classmate and skydiving companion Aminah was of immeasurable assistance when I was shopping for new clothes last fall, so I took her on a fashion hunt today at Clinton's Crossing, an outlet mall that's hopping on the weekends but was totally deserted on this Wednesday morning. Go figure.

It was quite a success. For ages, I have wanted a particular type of brown leather jacket, and I found a fantastic one at Cole Haan that was originally $800 but was 50% off, then an additional 50% off that because the salesperson hooked me up with a coupon. That's 75% off! I felt like I'd won the lottery, except that I wasn't swatting away greedy distant relatives and bound for eventual bankruptcy and depression.

Thirty-two is an awkward age for clothes shopping. I want to be up to date, but not so trendy that I look 17. And I also want to be comfortable and grown-up looking, but not look 71. Distinguishing between these extremes is what Aminah is for. But I came away from the day with a nice assortment of pieces that hit the mark for both age and comfort. Thanks, marketplace!
Speaking of the elderly, Today is my father's 74th birthday. We had a nice chat. He asked me what I'm doing tonight, and I told him the truth -- I'm going to a lecture at the law school, and then bowling with friends. When he asked about the subject of the lecture, I again told the truth -- it's about how the school altered its nondiscrimination policy to include gender identity and expression. He was audibly uncomfortable. Eh, there's nothing wrong with a little truth on one's birthday.

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