Wednesday, March 16, 2011

International house of lingering

After not going to IHOP for years, I've now been twice in the past week. I suppose that's the type of thing you do when you're on staycation. This morning, I was there so long, and so wrapped up in conversation, we were almost hungry again for lunch. Not helping matters in this regard was my choice of the low-calorie fresh-fruit crepes, which were as filling as eating a cloud. 

Chain restaurants get a bad rap, but they're occasionally comforting, especially when you've moved around the country as often as I have: Since turning 18, I've lived in 10 different cities, so the sight of a chain restaurant somehow makes me feel less like a vagabond. I do, however, feel as though the cuisine I've had during my exceptionally rare trips to places like Outback, Olive Garden, On the Border and IHOP has gotten more and more disappointing with age. Are they getting worse? Maybe I'm just, like, super sophisticated.

Class starts again Monday, and believe it or not it's already getting a little busy, as I gear up for my final quarter at Yale SOM. Yikes, that's scary/sad. My four classes from last quarter will all continue, as they are semester-long classes, and I'm also picking up a quarter-long class called Navigating Organizations, for which I am currently reading a very interesting book called Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don't, by Jeff Pfeffer, an organizational behavior professor at Stanford, not this guy. So far I've learned that, in order to obtain power, I apparently must hide all my traits and adopt the opposite ones. Perhaps I'll just leave power for others.

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