Monday, March 21, 2011

Follow your cheese dreams

When I was a first-year student, a second-year student named Michael Inwald left SOM before graduation) to launch his business -- Grilled Cheese To Go, recently renamed Cheeseboy. I think there are now three locations, and I think they're all in malls, but don't quote me on that. As the name implies, the place sells grilled cheese sandwiches, as well as soups, mac and cheese and a couple snacks. It's a limited menu. 

While at the Westfield Mall over the weekend in Milford, I spotted one and persuaded my companion to indulge in an extemporaneous lunch, since I'd heard so much about it but never tried it. Not half bad. In fact, quite good!

I don't have the entrepreneurial spirit, and I'm not just getting down on myself or anything. My deficiency in this regard has been proven through aptitude tests, showing that my skills, strengths and motivators are at total odds with starting my own business. I'm more of a supporter. I like to help others succeed, and improve something that's already been created. It's the copy editor in me, perhaps.

But if it weren't for entrepreneurs like Mr. Inwald, I wouldn't get to enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches in malls. So a toast to him. Get it, toast? Ha!  

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