Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There's no day like a snow day

I've heard different rumors about Yale's history with snow days. One is that the school has never officially had one; another is that it hasn't had one for 31 years. With 18 to 24 inches of snow in the forecast today, students were abuzz with curiosity as to whether today would call for an official cancellation.

It hasn't. But the e-mail we received said, basically, that professors may cancel classes at their discretion, and that regardless, students shouldn't come to class if they feel conditions aren't safe. Two of my three professors officially canceled their classes, and the third said he would hold class but understands if people can't make it and will be taping his lecture for those who miss it. After putting all these pieces together, I decided to postpone two one-on-one meetings I'd scheduled for today, and make this a snow day at least for yours truly.

My plan for the day involves preparing for a lecture/presentation I'm giving tomorrow and Saturday for students who are interviewing for human-capital and HR internships and jobs. The first-year core class that most touches upon these subjects is called Employee, and it is a third-quarter ("Spring-1") class. This means that many students will have barely begun the class when the interview for jobs. So, in my capacity as a co-leader of the Human Capital Club, I thought it would be helpful to offer a sort of Employee crash course for these people, touching on the main subjects. Preparing for this is turning out to be more time-consuming than I'd anticipated, but it's good review for me as well.

Also today I'm going to be doing readings for my first session of Strategic Leadership Across sectors, a three-hour once-a-week class that's very reading intensive and will mostly entail prominent guest speakers. I've also successfully roped some friends into a reading group for this course, so starting next week we'll be dividing the reading, meeting every Thursday for lunch and briefing each other on the highlights.

A final priority today will be watching "Get Him to the Greek," which arrived from Netflix yesterday. I mean, I'm a human being. I have every right to watch a movie. Every right. 

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