Monday, January 3, 2011

Ho visto un film -- 'Ladri di Biciclette'

Today is my full final day in Florida. The itinerary has consisted of successfully sleeping in, burning more than 700 calories to death at the gymnasium, taking a dip in the pool, nearly totally conquering the relatively easy Monday New York Times crossword puzzle, and viewing Ladri di Biciclette, a classic neorealistic Italian film that really translates to Bicycle Thieves but is better known as The Bicycle Thief. This was the third, and will probably the final, movie I reviewed in preparation for a film-studies course I'm taking this spring.

Yesterday, I set up a blog for my father. He is a frequent contributor to the local newspaper's Letters to the Editor section, and doesn't like it when his letters are trimmed, edited or altogether not printed. I suggested he start a blog that would enable him to write whatever he wants whenever he feels like it, and he was intrigued, although since he is 73 I first had to explain what a blog is. He's caught on quickly and has already submitted five postings. In that regard, he's a good example for me. I think it will also give him something enjoyable and constructive to do; that's important when one is retired. I must admit I was somewhat reluctant to suggest, much less help, him launch this, since I don't agree with all his views, but who am I to prevent the healthy expression of free speech?

Visiting Florida is always fun and relaxing, and provides some instruction about retired life, which may seem very away but which I'm sure will be here before I know it. I fear being too sedentary and disconnected; actually I fear that now, not just in retirement. Those of us who are both lazy and introverted constantly struggle to be active and out there, making the most of life.

When I get back to New Haven tomorrow, I will have five full days to both relax and, more importantly, prepare for what will be my final semester at Yale, and probably my final semester of school in my whole life. My hopes and goals are high, so here's hoping they stay that way!

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