Thursday, January 13, 2011

... And there's no night like a snow night?

Word is that the City of New Haven -- the governing operations of which, frankly, don't impress me -- will be towing cars tomorrow on a certain side of the street so that it can ... who knows. Plow, I guess? So this meant that I had to spend about an hour and a half this evening with a shovel and many layers of clothes, freeing my car from a situation I wouldn't have minded leaving it in for, say, three more months.

Don't think I didn't do a cost-benefit analysis, though. I wondered if the ticket and towing charge would be a premium worth paying. But I decided I'd just handle it myself, as a responsible citizen. It was not easy. But I guess that's the price one pays for a snow day.

Today I got some good news -- the Human Capital Club I co-founded was officially given club status by what's called the Clubs & Finance Committee today. Even though I expected that to be the outcome and would have gone apeshit had it not been, it's always exciting and a relief to get that official e-mail that begins with the word "Congratulations!" So I will have helped leave a legacy at the Yale School of Management for years to come. I think that's pretty sweet.

Today I also had two of my once-a-week courses for the first time: Strategic Leadership Across Sectors, which had a pretty remarkable guest-panelist list of Jim WoolseyDavid Carpenter and former U.S. Congressman Chris Shays. The panel spoke of many things, like the security/infrastructure threats that keep them up at night, the recent Tucson shooting and the 1996 Peruvian Japanese embassy hostage crisis. It was fascinating even though I'm struggling a tad to see the direct managerial learnings to be derived from the conversation. Guess that's why they are smart and important, and I am not. After that class, I had Leadership Strategies for Music Presenters, which will normally meet on Wednesdays but which this week was postponed a day because of the snow. It's taught by Robert Blocker, the dean of the music school. Today was just a get-to-know-you introduction, but in the future there will be an impressive roster of guest speakers, too. This is going to be a good semester.

We normally have Fridays off, but tomorrow classes meet because we're off Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I'm not sure why the school feels it necessary to observe the holiday and then take our usual day off away; either give us a day off or don't, I say.

Back to the snow, one good thing about getting super sweaty and nearly passing out from exhaustion is that it's been difficult to get to the gym since I returned from Florida; I've only been once, actually. Between snow storms, illness, early morning obligations and the gym-preventative surgery endured by my gym buddy, it's not easy. But next week. Next week.

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  1. Is there a way you can write a letter to the city concerning parking? Writing a good letter goes a long way! I just procured student discount rates for the students here at the local theater, that has been denying them forever. Hurrah! Congratulations on your group status, keep making things happen! That includes your gym trip next week! I, too, will be trekking through snow next week and getting in shape.