Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

It is 2011. I celebrated last night with a couple cocktails, a good meal, games and, of course, jumping into the pool at the stroke of midnight. Fortunately, it has warmed up in South Florida, and fortunatelier, our pool is generously heated.

I like to make New Year's resolutions, or at least engage in a few moments of New Year's self-reflection and goal-setting. This year, a few weeks ago in fact, I took a different approach. Instead of looking at myself and thinking about what I wanted to change, I started with a blank sheet and detailed how I thought I'd describe the perfect man if I met him. What would he be like? I listed about two dozen things, some of which I'm further from than others. I'm not yet certain how much time I'll invest in transforming these ideals into specific goals or actions, but I have a good place to start to make at least one or two improvements. I think it's good for one to always strive toward improvement!

Example: I've decided to audit an undergrad European history class this semester, because I've never taken European history and think a well educated ("perfect," dare I say) person would know some things about European history. If this is what I think, regardless of whether it's right or wrong, I should act accordingly.

Anyway, last night was fun. Text-messaging technology enabled me to exchange several good wishes for a happy new year -- in both Eastern and Central time, since I still have friends back in my home state of Missouri and in Texas, where I lived before returning to school. Speaking of returning to school, that's what I'll be doing in three days ... and just when it's finally starting to be beachgoing weather, too. Will have to take advantage today, since the gulf is just a short walk away.

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