Saturday, February 12, 2011

Q+ day of service

This afternoon, six members of Q+ (the LGBT club at Yale SOM) spent a few hours volunteering at the New Haven Pride Center. We cleaned the common space, reorganized the storage area and left the place warmer and more welcoming than we found it. It's nice to be able to see the fruits of our efforts. The center is totally run by volunteers, so I think our help was appreciated.

I stayed strong despite a bit of day-after-house-party nausea. En route to last night's affair, my friend Matt and I noticed a sign at a church advertising Christmas Eve services; there was also a nativity scene (pictured) with a special bounty of snack cakes. I'm surprised there's still evidence of Christmas anywhere; even the pride center was still decorated for Christmas (until we undecorated). I'm all for the holiday spirit, of course, but that ship has sailed.

Tomorrow, my weekend continues with some opera. This, when added on to volunteerism and homework, will complete the mature grad-student triad of culture, service and academics, concepts that are the backbone of our great society and that probably sound pretty cool in Latin.

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