Saturday, February 19, 2011

My gift of a day

You're doubtlessly wondering how I spent the day that Fate gave back to me, following the last-minute cancellation of jury duty. I cleaned the kitchen, strolled around campus, studied for my Investment Management midterm in the wonderful Gilmore Library, worked on some original music, cooked me up some stuffed pork chops and sweet potato for dinner, and squeezed in some total laziness, all capped off with an evening trip to Starbucks and the Yale Cabaret. Better than jury duty.

The show was called PleasureD, and it featured three quirky-acting women in a bathroom, with virtually no dialogue, taking turns ringing a bell, brushing their teeth and doing various assorted strange activities with sexual implications. I've come to expect that everything I see at Yale will be weird. This was also very entertaining, clever and at times quite funny. The performers were all actresses in the drama school, and they conceived and wrote this show, too. They were very talented.

More culture will happen tomorrow when I see the symphony. Yay for access to quality arts!

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