Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebrate VD with sex trivia

To honor Valentine's Day, five classmates and I put everything we know about making whoopee to the test at the sex-trivia competition at GPSCY, the grad-school pub. The seven rounds covered all sorts of exciting topics, including the velocity of ejaculate, sex symbols throughout history and name-that-tune. There was even a round during which we had to identify pictures of sex toys.

We came in second out of 25 teams.

Speaking of things that are hot, it started to warm up today -- I think the high was about 53 -- and the snow began turning into an ocean. There are still massive drifts, but progress is good. Now it's gotten cold, but it should warm back up toward the end of the weeks. I am looking forward to the spring flowers.

And speaking of flowers, I was a good son and got my mommy a pretty impressive bouquet, about which she called to express her appreciation. A good tip for all men whose mothers are living: Buy her flowers on Valentine's Day. She'll think you're a hero. And she'll be right!

A lot of people have a distaste for Valentine's Day, but I think it's nice to celebrate love, which takes all sorts of forms, like self-acceptance, music appreciation, passion for good coffee, and of course love of one another.

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