Saturday, November 6, 2010

The blitz

For the past two days, I've been back in New York participating in what Deloitte refers to as its annual "blitz," where candidates for full-time positions in the company's human-capital consulting practice are brought in for events, panels, interviews and activities. It was as tiring as the name implies, but it did offer a clearer insight into the company and its people.

The blitz began Thursday with a cocktail reception and dinner at the Ritz. It reminded me of a rehearsal dinner: standing with a glass of wine as appetizers were offered, then adjourning to a pre-assigned table for a delicious three-course dinner. There was much laughter and fun at my table; if this part was evaluative, it was hard to tell.

The next morning's itinerary began at 7:15 a.m., or, for me, 3:30, which is when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. The day's lineup included an individual case interview, a group case activity, two behavioral interviews, a panel about life in the practice and a panel about client engagements. The day was capped off with a happy hour. As for "how I did," I'm starting to resist even looking at these things that way because it really isn't as much an issue of performing as it is both parties trying to figure out whether the position and the candidate are a good fit. I was me, and I hope I get an offer.

After the blitz I had a fun evening, beginning with dinner with my best friend from high school, Shiri, and then ending with karaoke with some classmates. By the time my head hit the pillow back in New Haven, it was just after 3 a.m. -- meaning I had been up for almost 24 hours. And long hours at that.

In other news, after returning I had two things waiting for me in the mail that delight me. One is a digital camera I had no business buying amid my financial constraints; my hope, though, is that I can start taking/posting better pictures than the type of frequently grainy, un-glorious depictions seen above, captured by my iPhone. The second piece of mail I like so much is a letter from Ndeye, the Senegalese girl I sponsor through Childfund International (formerly Christian Children's Fund). We've been corresponding for maybe two or three years, but this is the first time I've received a letter directly from her; previously, a relative (an uncle, usually) would write on her behalf and enclose one of Ndeye's drawings, or a photograph. Those letters, and this one, are in French, so a translation is enclosed. She's in third grade. They grow up so fast.

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  1. Hi, it was great reading about your experience at the Blitz. I would love to pick your mind a bit more as I have been shortlisted for the Blitz this year from Yale SOM. Any advice or comments you have would be very helpful.

    Look forward to hearing from you.